Is my personal information and credit card data safe?
Our payment process is routed to third parties, which is why your information does not come to us, and we cannot store it. We only store your personal information to stay in communication with you and deliver our excellent services like always. You can view our Privacy Policy here
Privacy & Policy
How will I be updated about my work?
For all our clients, we have a dedicated project manager who is responsible for the project and to keep you updated regarding the design process. He/she will provide you regular updates regarding your work. If you have any queries, you can always contact us.
When will I receive my products?
When you sign up and select your package, we review the timeline you have given, and send you the design concepts accordingly. Once we go through all the revisions, we deliver the product within the deadline.
Are there any charges I don’t know about?
There are no hidden charges when you sign up for our services. The prices that you see beside a package is exactly what you pay at checkout.
Is there a money-back guarantee?
We offer a money-back guarantee if you aren’t satisfied with any of our services, provided that you inform us before accepting the final delivery of the products.
What are the payment methods?
You can pay through credit/debit cards or PayPal. We support American Express, Discover, MasterCard, JCB, and Visa cards.
Do you offer Easy Monthly Installments?
Yes, we offer easy installments to our clients, so they do not have to worry about paying a large sum at once.
How do I determine which package to go for?
We have provided extensive details which each package, to help you make up your mind. If you need any more details, you can write to us ,call us, or speak to us via live chat

Logo Design

What type of companies have you designed Logos for?
We have designed Logos for a number of companies from various industries, such as Food, Real Estate, Travel, and many more. You can check out our Portfolio here
Can you create: simple, mono color, multicolored, crest, badge, or mascot logo design?
Yes, we are more than capable of designing all types of logos for different types of clients.
How will I receive the design concepts?
We will send you the design concepts via email, or through a web link where we will upload the designs.
What if my Logo looks less appealing in print than how it looks online?
We create designs with the most vivid colors and use the best resolution. However, the colors and imagery may not appear as brightly as it does online. There may be a slight difference in the physical appearance of the logo.
Who owns the right to the Logos designed?
The Client always owns the right to the Logos and artwork designed for them.
How can I get my Logo designed online?
When you enter your business or company name on the homepage and click ‘Next’, you are directed through a detailed requirement gathering process, which helps us to design the perfect Logo. Then you choose your desired package, and are redirected to the payment page. You enter your contact and payment information, and check out. After this, we stay in touch with you using your preferred mode of contact, and send you design concepts and the final logo.
How much does it cost for a Logo?
You can get a logo for as low as $49. Click here to review our various packages.
Can I make revisions to the Logo design??
We are constantly working to satisfy our clients, which is why we let you make revisions to the design work. The number of revisions differ accordingly to the package you have selected. Check out our packages here
Can I present my ideas for the logo design?
You can present your ideas, or any files relevant to the design, during the requirement gathering process. Furthermore, you can also give your input during the revisions.
Can I get an old logo redone instead of getting a new logo?
You certainly can. During the requirement gathering, you can upload the old logo files mention it in the details. Once you make the payment, we will get back to you with the design concepts.
What format will I get my logo in?
We save the logo in multiple formats, such as JPEG, PNG, PDF, EPS, etc. You can let us know which format would be more suited for you.
Will I get a scalable Vector file of the Logo?
The file formats of the Logo that you will receive depend on the type of package you select. You can review our packages here
Can I get a logo redone after I have received the final version?
To make any changes in the final logo after delivery, you will have to sign up and select a package again, and we will start work on it after you have made the payment.
Am I eligible for a refund if I have accepted and received the final logo and do not want it anymore ?
No. You may only request a refund before you accept the final version of the Logo. Review the Terms regarding refund here

Web Design

What kind of websites do you design?
We design all kinds of websites, ranging from simple HTML static websites to CMS and online marketplace websites. We have worked in various industries.
How much does it cost to get a Website made?
Our website delivery services start from $299, and increase according to your requirements. Check out our services here
Is your design work original??
Our design work is 100% original, and we do not use any templates.
Do you design e-commerce websites?
Yes we do. You can find packages relating to e-commerce website development here
When do you start work on the website design?
We start work on the design process once the order is confirmed, which is done as soon as you make the payment.
Are the websites you design responsive?
Yes, we design responsive websites which look good on all screens and in all dimensions.
What are Stock images?
Stock images are the images which are obtained from a stock portfolio. You get up to 8 free stock images with your web design package.
What are Content Management Systems (CMS)?
A Content management system is designed to let you edit and modify text or media on your website, even if you do not have any prior web programming knowledge. It is usually provided to clients who have e-commerce or online marketplace websites.
Do you provide website hosting services?
Yes. Website hosting services are an additional service provided to the client upon request, after the website is complete and ready for delivery. Website hosting packages start from $250 per year.
Do you provide support after delivering a website?
Yes, we offer 6 months free support for all our clients, with additional support services offered at a cost.
Do you help with Blog or Social Media Integration?
Yes, we take of Blog or Social Media integration if the client asks us to do so.
Can I get a custom portal on my website?
Yes, we provide custom solutions to clients after receiving requirements and details from them.
When does the development process start?
The development process is started by us once the design is approved by the client.
Do you write content for websites?
Yes, we write content for all kinds of websites in various niches. Our content writing services start from $399.
Can I make revisions to the Web design?
We are constantly working to satisfy our clients, which is why we let you make revisions to the design work. The number of revisions differ accordingly to the package you have selected. Check out our packages here
Can I get my website content in different languages?
Yes, we provide additional content translation services to our clients, starting from $499.
Can I get SEO and PPC marketing done for my website?
Yes, we provide added SEO and PPC marketing for our clients’ websites. These packages start from $999.
What information must I provide to start design work?
You must provide us with as much detail about the functionality of your website and the type of industry it is for. If you have content that you need to put on your website, we will also require that.

Corporate Identity and Branding

What type of branding services do you provide?
We provide various services for Corporate Identity and Branding for our clients, such as flyers, brochures, signage, e-mail signatures, car wraps, banners, posters, mugs, t-shirts, and many more. Check out the full range of our services here
Can I make revisions to the design?
We are constantly working to satisfy our clients, which is why we let you make revisions to the design work. The number of revisions differ accordingly to the package you have selected. Check out our packages here
Will I get the digital files of the branding services I take?
Yes, you will be provided with digital files of all the designs, along with your products.
What information do you need to start work on the design?
We will need all the text to be incorporated into the design, along with any pictures. We will take requirements from you at the start of the design phase.
Will the designs that you provide be original?
Yes, all our work is 100% original, and we do not copy or use templates at all.
Do you also print the products that you make designs for?
No, we currently do not provide any printing services.